More models by Nick Robinson

As promised, here are the other models by Nick Robinson that can be found in the nuinui japanese patterns box.

The bird is an action model – hold at the base and the woodpecker starts hitting the branch. The box/plate has very simple elegant lines.

They’re both folded from 15 cm double-sided kraft paper.

The buddha is folded from 20 cm Heyda plain paper, my variation that looks like pinoccio (it has a very long nose) or an imp (lutin in French) is also folded with double-sided kraft paper. It’s a first try, but I think this model has plenty of room for variations!

Fantasy Boxes by Tomoko Fusè

The diagrams for this boxes can be found in “30 boîtes en origami – à moduler à l’infini !” (éditions de saxe), which is a translation from Beautiful Origami Boxes #1 (in japanese). They’re called “boîte fantasie”, page 26. They’re folded from one sheet for the bottom and one for the lid.

The big box on the left is the D variation, the front left is A, the three others are C (I don’t like B much).

The front-right box is from japanese chiyogami with Tant for the bottom, the front-left is Jong Ie Nara Traditional Korean pattern collection (all 15 cm).

The two big boxes are from Artemio 30 cm “Continents” collection.

This one is from Vivi Gade “Paris” collection 15cm. I played with the double-sided paper.

This book is one of my favorites. I’ll show more models from it soon, I have pictures now! (thanks to Pierre-Manuel).

More dahlias by Hajime Komiya

As I said, this is a model that I fold a lot – here is just a tiny part of all I made, there are plenty more on my roommates’s walls. On the top right corner you can see the underside. The orange at the top is stopped before the last folds, it’s less a flower and more geometric, I like it too.

The paper are varied, some japanese chiyogami, Tant, double-sided kraft, shiny cheap paper… I also made some from glassine paper but they’re on my windows, didn’t photograph them :)

I think this model looks good in any size and nearly every paper. And I can fold it while doing other things, talking or watching movies, when my hands don’t want to be idle but I can’t concentrate on what they’re doing :)