Cookie Cutter kusudama by Victoria Babinsky + japanese decoration by Minako Ishibashi

Here are two models I like: a “cookiecutter kusudama” (30 sheets of 7.5 gold paper) and a japanese decoration (6 sheets of the same paper).

The japanese decoration by Minako Ishibashi (right) can be found, for example, in Rick Beech’s book (ISBN 9782215110668 for the French edition).

Papers: left, 7.5cm Showa Grim senbazuru chiyogami ; right, 7.5cm Tant paper.

I really love the stars in this kusudama. The Tant one hanged from my ceiling for a long time.

Cookiecutter kusudama model by Victoria Babinsky ; Jo Nakashima published a youtube tutorial for the cookiecutter.

Old kusudama

8 kusudama

8 kusudama

For a while, I folded kusudamas all the time. I only folded models that required square paper, no glue, no cut.


I don’t exactly remember the models presented here. I think the ones on the upper left and middle center are the model in the book from Rick Beech – that’s the first 30-modules model that I folded, it got me hypnotized and I folded it many, many times. The bottom left looks like a regular sonobe.

They are all folded from 7.5 cm paper. The fluorescent paper is “Origami mini-Pop” from Avenue Mandarine. The two on the left and the upper right are Showa Grimm “1000 cranes”  (I love this traditional japanese pattern, here in non-traditional colors). The middle left is Toyo 50 colors. The upper middle left is double-sided chiyogami. The front center is really cheap chinese paper from ebay.


I’m not folding much kusudama these days, I’ll publish more recent things soon :)